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Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design


Born and raised in South Louisiana, the area known as Cajun Country, by a  family of educators and farmers. South Louisiana allowed me to become an avid hunter and fisherman and a good Cajun cook. I also became a teacher, receiving my B.S. from LSU and then taking time to work with my father in the retail flooring business for 20 years.

I moved to South Florida in 2007 to enjoy the sun and beaches for 5 years and to continue teaching middle school in the private sector. South Florida was a great place to visit, but could not call it home.

Driving into Colorado Springs in June of 2012, I immediately felt the lure of the mountains and the beauty of the vistas. It was also the week of Waldo Canyon  Fire. The commitment of the people to help others in need assured me that the move to Colorado Springs was the right move.

I now proudly call Colorado Springs home.

Having joined a hiking group, I look forward to the Sunday hikes in the mountain range and posting my pictures on Facebook.

My partner and I have 2 dogs, Bailey, a Brussels Griffon, and Bella, our newest edition, a Standard Poodle. Life is great in the Springs….

Sorry, but we are no longer selling flowers at RDH. We are now focusing on interior design & fabulous furniture. Thanks for the years of support!